Meet Dr. Csilla Veress

Hi, I’m Dr. Csilla Veress and I want to begin by saying how excited I am that you are here and how proud I am of you for taking this first step. 

We have the amazing ability to heal ourselves, body, mind and spirit. I call this – body, mind, and spirit – “The Trinity” because they must work in conjunction with each other to complete the whole. I believe there is an innate and powerful healing mechanism in each of us. In Naturopathic medicine, we call this the “vis”. 

This is my medicine and my passion. I am here to help you realize this amazing power within yourself, to help you identify the layers that need to be peeled away, and to provide the best avenue for your healing. The body is fantastically resilient, and you have the ability to transform the trinity of your health at any stage of life. 

“Symptoms” are just another way for our bodies to tell us that we need to pay attention. We need to strip away the layers of physical, mental and emotional injuries that we have accumulated through the years. We need to create an environment within our bodies that will continue to stimulate the inner healing we possess. This is done by listening to our inner wisdom, and by changing how we think, what we say, what we do, how we live, who we choose to surround ourselves with, and how we interact with others.  

Water fasting is one of the amazing ways we can tap into this innate healing from within. But it’s not enough. I believe it’s important to empower my patients to make choices that continue to enhance their vis and continue to heal and achieve optimal health, not just physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Ultimately, my mission is to help guide you towards optimal health so that you can reach your highest potential because the world needs you. Yes, YOU! You have a unique and wonderful gift that only you are able to give to the world and I want everyone to be able to have the freedom of health in order to shine their brightest.

When we fully embrace who we are as individuals and show up owning our greatness we continue the evolutionary process, which ultimately, leads us to the freedom of living our best lives. The human capacity to heal is a miracle, which I have the good fortune to say I see it happening every day and I want you to know that it is possible for you as well.

If you’ve found this website, it means that you are ready for a full life transformation. You’re ready to do the work that optimal health requires and that means getting really intimate with your deepest emotions, finding love and purpose in your life, taking steps to cultivate loving people around you that support you, activating your muscles with movement daily, making things like sleep a priority and, daily acts of self-care that allow your body to be ready for changes that present in our world. And maybe most importantly, emphasizing a whole food, plant-based lifestyle that includes the beautiful healing modality of water fasting. Hippocrates said it best when he said, “let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food”. Nothing will ever taste as good as you feel when you are living with optimal health. Choosing foods that create health in the body is vitally important for living your best life and lastly, if water fasting is indicated, doing yearly fasts for longevity. 

Are you ready to start to embrace your “Trinity” and start your transformation?

  • Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle, centered around organic, non-GMO, unprocessed foods. Preferably no added sugar, salt and oil.
  • Sleep! Making sleep a priority. At least 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep that is in accordance with our circadian rhythm. 
  • Stress management! Living within a self-care and self-love mindset and reframing stressor in an opportunistic approach.   
  • Movement! Daily activity that brings you joy! 
  • Community and tribe-like living. Surrounding yourself with a strong social support. Building community. 
  • Spirit-driven life, also known as life by your design. Finding that flow in your life, finding the purpose, the why in your life.

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    From the moment I met Dr. Veress, I knew I had finally found the doctor I desperately needed. I was able to open up more to her in our first hour than the hours upon hours I had spent with other doctors. Her authentic presence, sensitivity, and impressive knowledge base created a strong trust in her ability to help me. In addition, I had the privilege to hear her teach on multiple occasions, and she always blew me away with her passion and the breadth and depth of her understanding of health in the most holistic sense.

    - Andrea

    Formal Bio:

    Csilla Veress ND, LAc, is primary care doctor currently practicing at TrueNorth Health Center, in Santa Rosa, CA. The focus of her practice and outreach is to educate and inspire individuals to reach their highest potential, through helping them achieve optimal health, combining water fasting, nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

    Dr. Veress regularly lectures at TrueNorth Health, hospitals, colleges and corporation events, on the impact of whole food, plant based nutrition, water fasting and lifestyle modification in preventing and treating chronic illness.

    Dr. Veress is a contributing writer for NPLEX, helping elevate excellence for ND board examinations. She is an author of the sleep module component of The lifestyle Medicine Core curriculum offered by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine She has also written several articles for Health Science Magazine and has been featured on various podcasts and local broadcast stations, including: Bridge to Wellness featured in the East Bay.

    Training and Credentials

    Dr. Veress is a graduate from Rutgers University with an undergraduate degree in Biology and psychology. She obtained her medical degree from Bastyr University, where she also finished her masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. During her medical training, she also received certification and experience in hands-on treatment approaches such as, craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation. Dr. Veress worked for Bastyr Integrative Oncology Center for a few years working with patients and researchers on developing and studying safe and effective alternative and complementary approaches to cancer care. She has been recently appointed adjunct faculty at National University of Health Sciences for the work she does with medical students at TrueNorth Health.

    My Passionate Activism and Support

    A sick planet means sick humans. I support charities that really focus on getting our amazing mother earth into a state of health – working with food, farming and the sustainability around the world. I also believe that education is paramount to progressive and sustainability for life. Especially for women around the world.

    These are the amazing organizations that my business supports!! If you feel drawn to any of them – donate and support them!