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Dr. Csilla Veress is currently taking new patients at TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa, CA. 

Dr. Veress has over 5 years of medically supervising patients through prolonged water only fasts. She is currently also taking new  outpatients, for ND visits, acupuncture, craniosacral and visceral manipulation appointments, locally or within California. Dr. Veress is available for medical phone consultations for USA and international patients.  

Please contact the administrative staff at TrueNorth to schedule an appointment. 707-586-5555.

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From the moment I met Dr. Veress, I knew I had finally found the doctor I desperately needed. I was able to open up more to her in our first hour than the hours upon hours I had spent with other doctors. Her authentic presence, sensitivity, and impressive knowledge base created a strong trust in her ability to help me. In addition, I had the privilege to hear her teach on multiple occasions, and she always blew me away with her passion and the breadth and depth of her understanding of health in the most holistic sense.

- Andrea

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