Are you trying to avoid adding salt, sugar, or oil to your food?
Do you want to pursue achieving an SOS-free lifestyle?


The ā€œSOS-freeā€ lifestyle has been gaining popularity nowadays for a reason that it helps reduce or eliminate the usage of these seasoning that causes various health implications. SOS-free simply means no salt, oil, or sugar is added to your food during cooking.

It is not a requirement to add salt, oil, and sugar to our food as we can get everything we need by eating a wholesome, plant-based diet.

Here’s how you can achieve your SOS-free lifestyle:

Use Fresh Produce

If you start with fresh produce and herbs that are from a garden or farmers’ market ā€“ it will make a world of difference in all your cooking. The freshness comes with a good flavorful product already which will help you ditch adding salt, sugar, or oil.

Any recipe that starts with fresh farm-to-table produce and herbs will have the most important ingredients – anything after that is just topping. Make this easier for yourself and search for the best produce your money can buy.

  • Salt

While it’s a yes that the human body needs some sodium to function correctly, without adding salt to your food, you will still get plenty of it from the fresh produce you get as it has sodium that occurs naturally in plants. As long as you consume a variety of plant foods and adequate daily calories, you will get all the minerals necessary for good health.

  • Oil

If you are trying to lose weight, bad cholesterol-free, and be kind to your heart’s blood vessels, removing oil from your diet is the number one step.

  • Sugar

Based on research, carbohydrates found in fresh fruits and vegetables naturally have sugars on them.

It will take time to get this in our system but you must have faith and patience in order to succeed in pursuing the road to a healthy lifestyle. Your taste buds will adapt after a while, usually within a few weeks, and you will get used to not having SOS at all.