Have fun and change up your salads with easy additions!


  • Love summer fun with Radicchio
  • Sunflower, Radish, Broccoli Greens
  • Sweet, Tart Kumquats


Kumquat salad

Kumquats make me smile! They taste delicious and add this tart fun taste to any salad… not to mention that pop of orange is just such a treat! The red is watermelon radish which is also another fun addition of taste bud bursting and color.


Greens – Greens – Greens


I love using fresh sprouts in my salad and edible flowers. Not only do they make the salad look fabulous and beautiful … but when you dig in because of course that saying looks too good to eat is not really true… it’s so flavorful! I love sunflower sprouts and broccoli sprouts the best!

The point is to have fun. Make food look irresistible and have a nutrient-packed meal!



Oh, summer is so fun because radicchio is in season!

There are different heirlooms of radicchio but all of them have a great bitter taste. Super wonderful liver food. And they add this complexity to the salads. Something that will take your average lettuce salad to the next level.